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Press release:

Las Vegas - July 22nd, 2019
PhotoPerfectApp, Co-Founder to address Inman Connect Conference

Steve Buice to speak on the value of video texting ( and money saving ) “photo-blending” technologies they have invented for any Smart Phone.

About PhotoPerfectApp - Developed by a professional photographer who is currently working for the largest Brokerage in the world.
Every agent has access to this new proprietary way of getting professional photos for a fraction of the cost. The company says they are
“the UBER of the photography world”. Faster, cheaper and you get stunning…AWmazing photos, each image copyrighted to the app
user and not to expensive photographers. The app takes images that are simply not possible with a smart phone and are perfect for the MLS, flyers and postcards.

PhotoPerfectApp announced today that Steve Buice will be addressing the audience of more than 4,000 attendees in the main ballroom
at Inman Connect. The members of the audience will be enlightened about the never before seen, photographic app, that includes
personalized video introductions of agents, along with stunning photographic images. 14 music choices are also included in every “Photo-Show”.
Each 1 -2 video ( called a Photo-Show) can have video introductions of the agent and be created in as little as 1 minute. Posting to Facebook, YouTube & Instagram will take less than 30 seconds.

The typical photos from an I phone 7 or even a 10 Max where difficult lighting is present…typically show the windows as white or “blown-out”.
PhotoPerfectApp solves this problem every time. To obtain even lighting, both inside and outside, phone users must have the PhotoPerfectApp to
accomplish getting superior photos. Professional photographers are no longer needed. That’s right…and we will show you
the results right on your phone! It is magic…yes M A G I C !

Copyright (c) 2019 PhotoPerfect App
PhotoPerfect App is a patent pending technology registered in USA, application number#62/775,